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GraviTrax Power

GraviTrax Power


Are batteries included in GraviTrax POWER products?

No, batteries are not included.

Which batteries are needed for the POWER elements?

The Action Elements of the POWER line require AAA batteries with a maximum voltage of 1.5 volts.

How many batteries do the power elements need?

The Starter, Switch, Lever and Elevator elements each require two batteries.

The Controller, Trigger and Finish Trigger need one battery.

Can rechargeable batteries be used?

Rechargeable batteries can be used. However, the maximum voltage of 1.5 volts should not be exceeded.

How do you programme the POWER elements?

In order for the Power stones to communicate with each other, they must be set to the same channel. There are three different channels (Red, Green, Blue) to choose from, which can be selected with the push of a button.

What is the difference between transmitter and receiver?

Sender elements send signals and Receiver elements receive them.

The Controller, Trigger and Finish Trigger elements are transmitters. When a marble rolls through a trigger, a signal is sent on the selected channel and using the Controller, the player can send a signal themself. The Starter, Switch and Lever elements, on the other hand, are receivers. If they are tuned to the same channel as the transmitter, they receive the transmitted signal and this triggers an action.


What are Autonomous Elements?

Autonomous elements do not communicate with the other elements. When turned on, a white light will illuminate. If a marble arrives, they are activated automatically. The Elevator and the Lever are both autonomous elements and can activate automatically, however, when it is set to a coloured channel, the Lever can also become a receiver element.

Can two receivers be linked together?

No, it’s not possible to link two receivers to make them both perform an action from one transmitter signal.  Each receiver needs a separate signal from a transmitter to trigger an action.

What is the function of the Queue Tile?

The Queue Tile allows multiple marbles to arrive at the element from different directions at the same time and be collected in a "queue". If a marble is picked up by one of the two elements, the next marble follows and is also transported further. Its incline also prevents the marbles that are waiting to roll back onto the track while waiting.

What do I need to consider when using the Lever?

With the Lever, a marble is launched up to a height of around four height blocks. To ensure that the marble continues to roll smoothly after the Lever, it is best to ensure the track that follows it is straight. If you were to introduce a corner immediately, there is a risk that the marble will hit the edge of the track and fly out of it. We’d also recommend including a Queue Tile in front of the Lever.

What do I need to consider when using the Elevator?

The Elevator element shouldn’t be used in bright sunshine, as this could impact the ability of the sensor to detect the incoming ball.  If this happens, the Elevator light will start blinking and will not trigger an action until it has been reset and is no longer affected by the sunlight. In addition, as with the Lever element, we’d recommend positioning a Queue Tile in front of the Elevator.

Why is one of my POWER elements flashing?

There are three reasons for an item to flash.

Reason 1: The batteries in the element are low and need to be replaced.

Reason 2: Something is stuck in the Element and prevents the action from being triggered. The obstruction must be removed. The element can then be reset and restarted at the touch of a button.

Reason 3: This one applies only to the Elevator element. The elevator is in the sun. As a result, the sensor can no longer see the rolling marble. A flashing light will alert you to this issue.


Why isn't the Controller responding?

Check the slider on the bottom of the Controller is set to ‘on’. If the Controller is powered on and still not responding, the batteries may need to be replaced.

Why are the tiles a different colour?

You may notice a slightly variation in colour as some of the pieces are made in a different factory using a different basic material.

Does the Finish Trigger only work in one direction?

The Finish Trigger works safely and reliably in the direction the arrows are pointing. The Finish Trigger can also be used in the opposite direction. This trigger has a special shape and a preferred rolling direction of the marble, so that the release works reliably even in complex situations.

What is the difference between Trigger and Finish Trigger?

The two elements differ in shape and design. The Trigger can be installed anywhere in the track and works safely in both directions. The Finish Trigger can also be triggered from both directions. The special shape of the Finish Trigger emphasizes the direction of travel, in which the release works reliably even in more complex situations.


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