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Special FAQ for Disney Lorcana: Rise of the Floodborn Pre-Order Sale


Who can pre-order?

Anyone in the United States will be able to make a pre-order purchase through our Ravensburger Online Shop while supplies last. Please note there is purchasing limit of one order per person.

What is a pre-order?

A pre-order is a way to order a product in advance of its official release.

When can I pre-order Rise of the Floodborn through the Ravensburger Online Shop?

Pre-orders for Rise of the Floodborn products may be placed through our Online Shop starting November 20, 2023 at 1:05 PM ET / 10:05 AM PT.

Where can I pre-order?

Starting November 20, 2023 at 1:05 PM ET / 10:05 AM PT you will be able to visit our online shop and be entered into the queue to select products and place a pre-order.

To improve your shopping experience, you will be automatically added to a queue for fair access to our Online Shop.

The queue page will update automatically to display our online shop when it is your turn. At that time, you may begin browsing our online shop and selecting items for pre-order.

Why am I in a queue to pre-order?

We are implementing a queue starting November 20, 2023 at 1:05 PM ET / 10:05 AM PT for our Rise of the Floodborn pre-order window based on community feedback. Anyone who is in the queue as of that time will be assigned a random position near the front of the line. Users who join after that time will be automatically added to the back of the line.

Utilizing a queue gives all our visitors fair opportunity to purchase their favorite Disney Lorcana TCG products while supplies last.

What if the queue pauses?

If we need to pause the queue system to our online shop, your place in the queue will be held so long as you remain on the queue page.

Please note, refreshing or closing the queue page will result in being removed from the queue.

What happens if I lose my place in the queue during the pre-order window?

If you lose your place in the queue, the next time you visit our online shop you will be added back to the queue as a new visitor and randomly assigned a new place in the queue. At this time, visitors cannot be returned to previous positions in queue.

Please note, refreshing or closing the queue page will result in being removed from the queue.

How long do I have to place my order once I make it into the shop?

You will have 20 minutes to place an order after the queue ends.

What happens if you don’t place an order within the given time frame?

After 20 minutes of shopping, if an order has not been placed you will automatically be returned to the queue.

How will I know if Rise of the Floodborn is available while in queue?

In the event the available stock sells out while you are in the queue to browse our online shop, we will display a message stating “Queue is now closed.”

At that time, we will no longer be able to offer pre-order purchases of Rise of the Floodborn products. After our pre-order window has ended, we recommend using our Store Locator tool to see if a preferred retailer in your area has product available for purchase.

You can find our Store Locator tool here:

Are there limits to what I can pre-order?

To ensure a greater opportunity for all visitors, we are limiting the quantity of products allowed per ordering consumer during the pre-order window, as follows:

·         2x Disney Lorcana: Rise of Floodborn Starter Deck, Amber and Sapphire

·         2x Disney Lorcana: Rise of Floodborn Starter Deck, Amethyst and Steel

·         2x Disney Lorcana: Rise of Floodborn Booster Box Display

·         1x Disney Lorcana: Rise of Floodborn Illumineer’s Trove

·         1x Disney Lorcana: Rise of Floodborn Playmat, The Beast

·         1x Disney Lorcana: Rise of Floodborn Playmat, Winnie the Pooh

·         1x Disney Lorcana: D100 Collector’s Edition


Please note, orders with more than the allowed quantity per consumer may be subject to cancellation at Ravensburger’s discretion.

When will I receive tracking information for my order?

Starting December 1st, orders will begin shipping. Once your order has shipped, you will receive a separate shipping confirmation email from us including tracking information.

Will my credit card be charged when I place my pre-order?

A pending preauthorization charge will be placed on your credit card at the time of your pre-order purchase. This is not an actual charge.

Starting December 1, your card will be officially charged when your order is processed and shipped.

Please note, preauthorization is a requirement of many financial institutions and will be removed automatically after a set period of time.

Can I use my Ravensburger Points to purchase Disney Lorcana products?

Yes. You must be signed into your Ravensburger Account to use earned Ravensburger points for purchase.

We recommend having your Ravensburger Account login information ready and available for use when you check out during your pre-order window.

When will my order ship?

Orders placed during the pre-order window will begin shipping in the order they were processed on December 1, 2023.

Please note, orders containing a combination of Disney Lorcana TCG and other Ravensburger products will also ship starting on December 1, 2023.

How long will shipping take for my Disney Lorcana order?

Most deliveries from Ravensburger Online Shop occur within 5-10 business days after the order is shipped.

Please note, due to the holiday season deliveries may take longer than expected.

How do I cancel my pre-order?

At this time all Online Shop sales including pre-orders are final.

I see Disney Lorcana items in my cart but cannot check out?

We recommend clearing your browser's cache and cookies before attempting to revisit our online shop. Disney Lorcana products are no longer available for pre-order outside of the pre-order sale window on Nov. 20th. 

When will the Preauthorization clear on my credit card?

Any pending preauthorization charges by your financial institution should clear on December 1st. Successful orders will be officially charged on December 1st at that time.

If your credit card statement continues to show a preauthorization charge after December 1st, please contact our Consumer Support team via our contact form here:

My order arrived with missing or damaged cards. What do I do?

If the cards in your Rise of the Floodborn products are missing or damaged, please contact our Consumer Support team via our Contact Form here:

More information regarding our Disney Lorcana replacement policy can be found here: