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Disney Lorcana FAQs

We provide answers to commonly asked questions on this page.


When will the second chapter of Disney Lorcana be available?

Disney Lorcana: Rise of the Floodborn (Set 2) will be available at Hobby Stores and Disney Parks beginning November 17, 2023 and at specialty retailers and shopDisney on December 1.

We can confirm English/French/German languages ​​at this time .

Further information about the 2nd chapter of Lorcana can be found here. 

Will there be a reprint of the first chapter of Disney Lorcana?

Yes, there will be a reprint of the first chapter of Disney Lorcana during Holiday Season, 2023The reprint will be available for all countries that have brought Set 1 onto the market. 

Will the reprint of Disney Lorcana Chapter 1 have a label?

No, the reprint will be indistinguishable from the first edition.

Where to buy Disney Lorcana?

Our store finder will help you find a retailer near you.

How can I pre-order Disney Lorcana?

We don't offer direct pre-order, but you can contact your local game store to see if they offer pre-order!

In which countries will Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter be available?

The first set of Disney Lorcana will be available in August 2023 in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Austria, Belgium , the Netherlands and Luxembourg. The English language version will also be available in Italy.

In which languages ​​will Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter be available? 

Depending on the market , Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter will be available in English , French and German . 

When will Disney Lorcana be available in the Ravensburger online shop?

Lorcana is expected to be available in the Ravensburger online shop from September 1, 2023.

Which products will be available at launch?

Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter will contain more than 200 cards, available through the following products: three starter decks , a gift set , booster packs and the Trove Box . There will also be deck boxes, card sleeves, play mats and folders as accessories .  

Who is Disney Lorcana suitable for?

The rules of Disney Lorcana are designed to be easy to learn for those new to trading cards . At the same time, the game offers strategic depth and challenges for advanced players . Thanks to the great artwork and unique interpretations of the characters, Disney fans will also love the game. 

Is Disney Lorcana also suitable for children?

Disney Lorcana is designed to be accessible to many ages and levels . Younger fans can also enjoy the beautifully designed cards.  

What accessories will be available at launch?

There will be various play mats, card sleeves, deck boxes and folders with great Disney Lorcana motifs. The folders will have space for both the playable and oversized cards. 

What will be released this year? How many other sets will there be? 

Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter will be the first set to launch. There will be four new sets released annually .